Design Trade Registration

Terms & Conditions

Membership in the Donna Child Fine Art Design Trade Program is subject to approval and can be terminated at any time. Membership is open to accredited Interior Designers, registered Interior Decorators, accredited Architects and Residential and Commercial Real Estate Builders. The membership is non transferable. Merchandise purchased using the trade discount may not be for personal use, or resale to another retail outfit. The trade discount is not valid on sale or promotional items.


  1. To apply, complete the registration form below.
  2. Click ‘Submit’ to send in your registration form.
  3. Mail or Email the following qualification documents to complete the membership registration.
  4. Provide copies of business cards for all names that appear on the application.
  5. Provide proof of affiliation / membership with a Professional Trade Organization or Association.
  6. Provide credentials / certification in related field of study if not registered or accredited.

Once approved, members will receive an email within 2 business days with more information, discount program details and an ID Number to use when purchasing.

Design Trade Registration Form

Donna Child Fine Art

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Toronto, Ontario
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Email Application Documents

Invitation and/or application of the Design Trade Program does not guarantee automatic membership or discount. DCFA will grant Trade Program membership status entirely on a discretionary basis. Enrollment is contingent upon receipt of appropriate credentials.

The Trade Program discount is nontransferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. The discount does not apply to Gift Cards, shipping charges and taxes. Offers cannot be applied to past purchases. We reserve the right to change the list of items not eligible for the Trade discount at our sole discretion without prior notice. Membership is not transferable. A Trade membership discount can only be used by the named professional, and must be present in person to receive the trade discount at time of purchase. Misuse of membership may result in membership termination.

DCFA reserves the right to change, expand, contract or cancel any terms and conditions on which the Trade Program is conducted/or the attendant discount is provided, and to terminate such program and/or discount at any time. Such changes, expansion, contraction or cancellation may occur at the discretion of DCFA, even without prior notice to the Trade member. Discount are not applicable to all items offered for sale – please contact gallery director – Donna Child for further information.