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Kris Nahrgang

Kris Nahrgang’s art is a continuation of the spirit and tradition of rock and story pole carving. His style has a balance of innovative, modern and traditional elements which have led to a growing recognition of his work across Canada and the world. His work has been noted in art periodicals including Insight, Art Impression and Collectibles, as well as MacLeans Magazine.


R. Kris Nahrgang, is a multi-disciplinary artist working in wood, stone and traditional oil mediums.  He is also an advocate for the rights of First Nations communities in Ontario and has liaised between Native and non-native groups with respect to archaeology since 2000.

Kris Nahrgang is a Status, Mississauga Ojibway Treaty Indian – status held at Curve Lake.  His home is located close to the site of the Peterborough Petroglyphs which date back over a thousand years and are recognized as the largest single concentration of rock carvings in Canada.

Kris’ art is a continuation of this spirit and tradition of rock and story pole carving. His style has a balance of innovative, modern and traditional elements which have led to a growing recognition of his work across Canada and the world. His work has been noted in art periodicals including Insight, Art Impression and Collectibles, as well as MacLean’s Magazine.

An experienced diver, Mr. Nahrgang began an undergraduate degree in anthropology at Trent University, and has worked in a close relationship with underwater archaeologists at Parks Canada, mainly along the Trent Severn. Mr. Nahrgang has attempted to establish a cultural heritage/archaeological research and curatorial facility that will serve the needs of a large group of the smaller southern Ontario native communities. He served as a member of the advisory committee struck by the Ministry of Culture to contribute to the development of new Stage 1-4 archaeological assessment technical guidelines. As an Associate to the firm, he has worked closely with Archaeological Services Inc. on several projects, including the Aboriginal Consultation initiative for the North Pickering Development Plan. He is consulting widely with First Nations on matters relating to the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Recently Kris was commissioned by the Canadian National Exhibition to produce a 36’ UNITY POLE. The Pole was unveiled at the CNE in August of 2017, receiving national and international acclaim from the public and the media.   Kris’s work can be found in numerous private and corporate collection including Anne Murray, Bill Cosby, Justin Trudeau, Keech Rainwater (of Lonestar), Nik Antropov (Atlanta Thrashers), Brian Skinner (Phoenix Suns).

In 2018 APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) will air Season One of “Future History”, a documentary series that challenges the colonial narrative and celebrates the reclamation of Indigenous knowledge and identity, which Kris co-created and hosts with dancer, choreographer, actor and activist Sarain Fox.



1981 – Native Law Program, University of Saskatoon, BA Equivalency for Law School, Completed

1982 – Osgood Hall Law School, York University, One Year

1991-1992 – Social Service Diploma, Sir Sanford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario, Completed

2001-2004 – Hon. BA., Anthropology Program, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. Nine Credits Completed.


Chief of Kawartha Nishnawbe First Nations

Artist, Self Employed, Spirit of the Stone

Owner & President, Grand Medicine Health Services

Owner & Board Chairman Northwest Healthcare


Archaeological Liaison Curve Lake First Nation Native 2001-2002

Archeological Liaison for Alderville First Nation Native 2002-2004

Archaeological Liaison for Scugog Island First Nations 2003-2007

Native Liaison Officer for Trent University 2000-2005

Consulting Associate, Archaeological Services Inc., Toronto


Buckhorn Wildlife/Fine Art Festival – Buckhorn, On

Kawartha Arts Festival – Fenelon Falls, On

Collingwood Art & Music Festival – Collingwood, On

Ottawa Art Expo – Ottawa, On

Purple Turtle Art Festival – Georgina, On

Art Walk, Polo for Heart – Vaughan, On


Artworld Fine Art Gallery – Solo Exhibition – Toronto (October 2017)

Scugog Council for the Arts, “Focus on First Nations”, October 2014

Gallery on the Lake, August 2008

Northumberland Art Gallery, A Retrospective, 2001

Festival De Reviers, 50th Anniversary, Landings of Allies in Normandy, France, June 1994


Premier’s Award Nomination, Creative Arts & Design, 2011


Blackett, Matthew.  (January 2010) Our Home and Native Archaeology. Spacing Magazine.
Farr, Moira.  (Marc 2004) Diving into Controversy, Saturday Night Magazine.
Hill, Diane Elizabeth. (July 2008) Turning Adversity into Art.  Readers Digest.


Alumni Advisory Council for Fleming College, 2011-2013

Native Liaison and Consultant for Ministry of Municipal Affairs, 2004-2007

Native Liaison and Consultant for Ontario Reality Corp., Seaton Property Land Exchange, 2004-2007

City of Peterborough Archaeological Master Plan Committee, 2003-2004

Pickering Planning & Growth Management Study, 2003-2004

Technical Advisory Group Member for Archaeology in Ontario, 2003-2005

Stakeholder meeting for changes to the Ontario Heritage Act, 2002-2003

City of Kawartha Lakes Planning Meetings, 2003


Research License, Ministry of Culture, July 2006

Parks Canada/Trent Severn Waterway archaeological assessments on inundated lands, 2001-present

ACUC® Certified November, 1998 – present


2003    Teaching Assistant, Trent University; Archaeological Laboratory Procedures (Susan Jamieson and Paul Prince)


First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the Ontario Archaeological Society Annual Symposium, Midland, 2000.

First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the Kenneth Kidd Lecture Series, Trent University, 2000.

Respect: First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the Trent University Elders Conference, Trent University, 2003.

First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the McMaster Anthropology Society for Ethics in Anthropology Symposium, McMaster University, 2003.

First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the Canadian Archaeological Association Symposium, Hamilton, 2003.

First Nations and Archaeology.  Paper presented to the Loyalist College, Bellville, Ontario, 2003.

Protecting First Nations History and Archaeology under the Trent Severn Waterway.  Paper presented to the Society of American Archaeology, Montreal, 2004.

First Nations History, and Consultation Presentation delivered for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ontario Realty Corporation, and Municipal/ Provincial administrator venues across southern Ontario talks presented in conjunction with Dr. Ron Williamson presenting the history of the First Nations and peopling of Ontario, focusing on the issues that affect them and the consultation process in Ontario today.  Delivered approximately 30 presentations 2005-2008


The State of Archaeology and First Nations.  Ontario Archaeology, Toronto, 2004. No. 73:1-9.

An Aboriginal Perspective.  Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province, Montreal, 2013. 203-211.


2017 – Executive Producer and Host of “Future History” A documentary series about shifting the colonial narrative and celebrating the reclamation of indigenous knowledge and identity.  13 Episode Series to be featured on APTN in 2018


Canadian National Exhibition – Unity Pole – 35 ft pole depicting the unification of Canada

“Spirit of the Earth” was presented to former U.S. President George Bush.

“Reunion” was presented to the Duke of York, Prince Andrew

“Trails of Nobility” presented to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles

“International Vision Calls / 2020” presented to Nelson Mandela.

“Story poles are not entirely traditional to Anishnaabe people.  “We did however, erect clan poles to honour our lineage.  My poles reflect that tradition incorporating traditional clan symbols and contemporary images.”  If the poles are finished with paint, the designs are ‘Woodland’ in style, with vibrant colours, and distinct lines.  Story poles tell a story.  Each symbol or totem on a pole represents a feeling, a person, an animal, a place, or a concept.”

Kris Nahrgang

Sculpture Stories

This piece is created on a Red Deer Antler from New Zealand, and is mounted on a piece of Dolomite from the area.

It is carved following the images offered by the shape of the antlery, and flows to the sky as it sends its message to the creator.

The feather offers it a gentle reminder of how delicate our world is and catches the winds of the world as it watches over the piece.

This piece reflects the history of the caribou migration in Canada. A very important part of our past, present and future, the paths of these animals are ingrained in the landscape from millennia past. It is said that the Elk that have been introduced to my area (around Bancroft, Ontario) are following the ancient migration routes, even though the glaciers are gone and the landscapes have changed. The ancient routes are ingrained in their spirit, the DNA, their lifeblood. This is the story of their journey; the strength of their lifeblood and the instincts that it holds.

He is the head of his community. Like his Father before him, he leads his people through this world that is sometimes harsh and unforgiving. He makes decisions that are crucial to their survival, keeping them strong and successful. His choices are at times unpopular, but he is not out to make friends. He does have the respect of his family, his people and his enemies. His path is not an easy one, but he follows that same path of his Father in a meaningful way. He is certain that the Spirits approve.

The strength of the bear is legendary, and they will protect their loved ones to the death. I am reminded of this love daily though my Family, and closeness which will remain with me forever. This is a tribute to our loved ones, and gifts that they offer us.

Over time, the stories of our time of contact with the newcomers was kept by our Oral Tradition stories, and in many cases, by beading that held stories in Wampum.

This piece represents the engagement, and in many cases, commitments that were not realized, or truly understood.

Since this time we, as the People, have realized these untruths, and the consequences of the written words that have tied our hand as we try to navigate the Rights and lifestyle we once lived have been taken.

This piece reflects the words that have bound our Culture.

This sculpture was inspired by my daughter Jenna and the birth of my grandson this past year. As I gegan working on the stone, it occurred to me that a miracle, such as the birth of the next generation could just transpire before my eyes.Even more incredible is how it happens for people all around the world thousands of times daily. Titling this piece was a challenge as it speaks to so many things. How is life truly created, other than the act itself? It leaves me with the belief that our women ARE the “Creators”. Their powers to do so is not celebrated enough. I watch my grandson and see traits of all of the family members from both sides. It makes me believe that the ability of the women to blend this world into this child, is truly taken for granted in our busy jaded world. So in tribute to all women, I offer this work as a celebration of the creation of mankind, by these amazing women. Thank you.

This warrior competes with himself. It is his uncertainty and self-doubt. The demons inside hold him back, creating fear, taunting his ability. He is anxious he will not be successful. It takes everything in his being to be strong and hold them back, to be confident and not let his fears take over. I see thse inner struggles manifesting as fighting a serpent, a creature I have great distaste for. We all have our demons, doubts, fears, some we let take hold of our psyche and can be emotionally and physically crippling. It can be a constant struggle to find balance and peace.

As one walks upon our life journey, we find ourselves in situations that require reflection to get through periods of our travels.

Transformation occurs as we realize with age that it brings pain, which brings reflection, which brings healing, and in the end we have transformation….

As the past leaves the spirit, it goes with a calming influence, and the years of wisdom offer clarity and excitement as we transition into the next stage of life.

As a butterfly transitions to beauty, from the existence of a caterpillar, so do we in spirit as a new untouched beginning comes forth

At the time of the great flood Nanabush was floating upon the great waters with all of the Creatures floating around his canoe. He explained that he needed some earth from the bottom on the waters to be placed on the backs of the Turtle to rebuild Mother Earth.

All of the larger creatures swam to the bottom to retrieve the soil, finding that it was too far down, they all returned with empty hands. The Muskrat, the smallest of the all said he would try, and all of the larger Creatures laughed at him, but with that he headed for the bottom with his mission in mind.

After a small eternity, The Muskrat floated to the surface, yet he had drowned. In his small paw was dirt from Mother Earth which had been covered by the flood. Nanabush took the soil from his small hand, and placed it on the back of the Turtle, and re-created the world.

The Muskrat gave his life to bring the world back to life.

When I began this piece, I do as always, and let what affects me move through me, and into the piece.

This piece was inspired by a story of a family that I know, and consider friends. It is a story of personal sacrifice, as a family to help another family member who was ill. What it was, and who they are, is not the story. The story is one of a concerted effort of family to help one of their own.

This piece is represented by the faces of a family, of different ages, and the blending of their determination to change a situation.

The Eagle is their Guardian Spirit, that watched over their situation, and sends strength to them during this time.

The Wampum beads hold their story, past, present, and future for all of them to see.

The fist represents the inner strength of their commitment to their loved ones.

The inspiration comes from this story, but it also comes from my life, and I am sure many of us that have pulled together to accomplish a task of our own.

This is the “Spirit of family”, and an inspiration to us all.

What was once hard water turns into a slithering snake, trickling then rushing to its destination. Trees, shrubs and grass spring alive with buds, blooms and the movement of those awakening within them. All beings shake off the chill of the winter and prepare for the season. It is a time of plenty. The People return from their more solitary winter’s existence to come together with their community. It is a time of Harvest.

They collect the fish, plentiful during the spawn, drying it for the seasons ahead. They come together to celebrate life, the reunion of families and allies, a time of marriage and growing families. The Creator and the Ancestors watch over the People, guiding them. This is the way it has been since man walked Mother Earth, this ritual of reunion & renewal.

I don’t carve a lot of Great Horned owls, but I was thinking my Grandmother as I worked on this piece. She went to the next world many years ago, but she was always there when I needed her, and this reminded me of a story of her.

I was at a Pow Wow, close to her home, when my daughter brought me a feather she had found at school. She told me it was mine, and when I asked how she knew this, she said she knew as soon as she went to pick it up. She was around 8 years old at the time.

I put it in a safe place, and took it to the sacred fire that night to have it blessed. As we were discussing just what kind of feather it was, a Great Horned Owl flew through the top of the fire, right over us all, and into the darkness.

At that moment, I knew it was her, protecting, and helping with my needs at that time in my life. She was looking out for me.

It turned out that it was also the 1 year anniversary of her passing to the Spirit world, and for whatever reason I am glad she has returned for a visit.

I offer this piece to the world, and pass on this energy of Spirit with it.

Thank you Grandmother, it was such an honor to have you with me again.

Although life is a solitary event, with many that join us along the way. At times, we walk these paths on our own, even when surrounded by others.

It seems to me that we are never alone, as the energy, spirit, and memories of loved ones, past, present, and future, are always somewhere around us.

The remembering of a missed ones touch as a child, or the last time you had time with a special person carries with us forever, and we in turn pass it on to others as we walk this road called life.

We will at many times in our lives be lonely, but if we can recall these special moments in time, we will never be alone….