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Tony Bianco

Tony Bianco has been expressing himself as an artist from the age of 20. For artistic expression he works comfortably in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and graphite. His work displays a love for life, for nature, and for visually capturing emotion.

Tony Bianco has been expressing himself as a full time artist since the age of twenty. His work displays a love for life, nature, and for communicating emotion visually. Early in his career, Tony began to experiment with plein-air painting, that is working directly from the subject, on location. He embarked upon a study of working from life, in the landscape, throughout all seasons, striving for honesty and clarity in his style.

Since 2000, he has traveled with his family across Canada, painting a series of works depicting our National Parks. This collection of over 120 paintings, entitled “a Portrait of Canada”, has traveled and exhibited in a number of museums and galleries, and continues to do so. The book, “a Portrait of Canada” can be viewed on his website.

His work is featured on many Canadian coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Since 1999, when he first designed a 2 dollar coin, he has been creating artwork for the Royal Canadian Mint that embodies Canada’s heritage, history and culture. His work has been featured on several 2 dollar coins, twenty five cent coins, Olympic and Pan Am games medals, and numerous commemorative coins. Tony has been  honoured to design over 100 coins for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Tony continues to explore his world through painting and drawing, whether it be landscape, animals, birds or figures. Traveling across Canada and through Europe for his subject matter, he now divides his time  between working on location and in the studio where he develops more complex paintings. His studio/gallery is located in the scenic Orillia area of central Ontario where he lives with his wife, daughter and son.

“Our lives are often filled with the mundane and common things of this world; the dreary lead of day to day. It’s been said that life bears down and wearies the soul, whereas art reminds us that we have one.”  

Tony Bianco

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