Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful to decorate with, for so many reasons—they reflect light, they open up spaces, and they just make rooms look better in general.
Mirrors can open up a dimly lit or tight space; they reflect light making any room feel bigger and brighter.

(left photo) a large room takes on a truly grand scale with the use of a very large mirror  – (right photo) in the evening this bedside mirror will double the light from a small accent lamp

Overlapping different types of mirrors on and above a fireplace mantle, a sideboard or a hall table is a great way to add visual interest. You can layer them with framed photographs or artwork and other decorative objects.

This room shows a combination of framed mirrors and other décor accents using a large mirror resting on the floor as a starting point

Mirrors are of course practical, whether getting dressed in the morning or checking your appearance before you leave the house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have great style. A mirror is a great opportunity to use a highly decorative frame that makes a strong style statement and adds glamour to your home.

(left photo) a mirror in a bathroom serves a very practical purpose but can also be used to reinforce the design aesthetic, in this case following all the horizontal lines of the tile, the cabinetry and the window  – (right photo) this design has opted for highly decorative mirror frames that prioritize the visual impact of the frames


Mirrors are a great way to catch the reflection of a view so it can be seen even by someone with their back to it.

The bright, fresh style of this bathroom benefits from the additional natural light from these window-facing mirrors and someone standing at the sink can still enjoy the beauty of the natural setting reflected in the mirrors