Framing Display Ideas

Creating a display wall is an excellent way to feature a large number of framed pieces in one overall composition. This can be a great way to show off family photos or maybe favourite photos from a special vacation. You can create very different effects by mixing up the frame styles and sizes or bringing in shadowboxes of treasured objects.


Staircases are a great place to do a grouping of family photos. If you start arranging the frames in the centre of the staircase, building up and down from there following the angle of the stairs you can leave yourself room to grow on either end. Another approach is to start at the bottom of the stairs with your oldest pictures; maybe you have old photos of your great-greats…work your way up the stairs moving forward through time. Don’t fill all the way up and you will be able to keep building on to this.

Ledge Display

Mount a couple ledges and divide your frames between them. Overlapping them and staggering the heights gives great variety for a more casual look. This is a good solution if you want the flexibility to change things up on a regular basis.

Gallery Display

There are many ways to put together this type of display wall. We suggest clearing a floor area adjacent to where you’ll be hanging the grouping so you can lay everything out before your start putting hooks in the wall. The first photo shows a very uniform grouping. The same frame has been selected for every piece, all pieces are the same size and they are evenly spaced within an invisible rectangle. This has a very clean modern look and while there is a lot happening in each photo, the rhythm of the overall composition gives a beautiful simplicity to the grouping. The second photo shows a grouping arranged by using an invisible horizon on the wall and arranging pieces of varying sizes and shapes above and below this line. The example has used the same frame on everything, but it would work just as well with a variety of frames. The most important thing here is that the horizontal centre line and the vertical lines between pieces be kept consistent. The last grouping is as eclectic as it gets. The wonderful thing about this is that you can use a variety of frames & styles, a mix of sizes and you can add on to it as you add to your collection of framed treasures.