My Love of Art Galleries

As a working, successful artist for over 20 years now I have been blessed with making great friends in this wonderful and creative world. I’ve spent much time traveling around, experiencing new places and new faces; many hours in stimulating discussions about art and emotions with artists and students, all with very personal views about the business of being a painter. In fact, I could write a book with all of the stories I have heard.

Still, each friendship I have forged over the years has led me to think about how those interactions have affected me and which of those relationships I choose to carry with me always. Most definitely that would be the relationships I have cultivated with gallery owners and their staff. When I first came to exhibit my work in a gallery, I thought I was seasoned and understood everything there was to know about representation. Instead, I soon found out that not only did I have much to learn; I now had partners who could guide me as well as stand beside me. That is truly a gift.

My relationships with these consummate professionals have made me a better artist. I can concentrate on, and have the beautiful freedom to just create, leaving the business of this business to the people who are absolutely the best at that side of art.

Not to mention the guidance of what current market trends are and informative concepts given freely to me, but in a helpful way so as not to interfere with my vision as an artist. I often find myself engaging in deep, personal conversations with gallery staff, directors and owners feeling safe to open myself up. After all, these people are my partners and I trust them to convey the feelings behind my art to the people who come to see my work.

I’m an emotional painter and teacher and my gallery partners understand me. This journey has led me to the understanding that I am blessed to be able to call them… my family.

Doris Pontieri – Gallery Artist & Instructor