Izzy Weissgerber

Izzy’s work has been exhibited at group- and solo exhibitions, and art fairs throughout Germany and the United States since 2008. Izzy Weissgerber’s explorations started young.

Experiencing the world around her with vibrant colors and a photographic visual memory set her apart from her peers early on. Izzy didn’t find an explanation for her visual experiences until 2008 when it would determine the emergence of her art, with a background in make-pp artistry, Izzy – then only 16 – collected an array of creative successes using faces as her canvas. Izzy worked at runway shows for Jil Sander, Miu Miu and the German Vogue. Constantly inspired, she found ways to experiment while still fulfilling professional assignments.

While looking to expand her forms of expressions, Izzy turned to music. In 2006 she stood at the turntables across Germany. Dancing crowds were testament to her work. Circle Music released two records of her newly composed and produced tracks in 2007. A year later, Izzy moved to New York City with the co-founder of her own music label Shoutbox.

Izzy spent more time observing New York’s individuals and bustle than spending time in its music scene. Fascinated, and with intensified senses, she took photos of people perceptibly immersed in their own bubble. Editing the shot at home, she captured what she saw beyond the lens by drawing colored lines around her portraits. The line would become her signature. During lunch with her sister Zaza, Izzy discussed life in New York. Baffled and confused by Izzy’s description of experiencing an overwhelming abundance of colors and numbers, her sister dug deeper. After being described as a “purple 4”, Zaza did research and made a discovery. Izzy has Synesthesia – a neurological condition and phenomena. Of about twenty known varieties, Izzy associates every person with a color – or aura – and a number.

What Izzy had experienced in New York was a sensory overload that she subconsciously recorded by editing her photos. This understanding freed her. Being able to see the aura of a person and capture it on canvas for eternity changed her creative direction. Izzy now edited all of her photographs by drawing colorful lines representing the subject’s aura color, and hid their eyes. Changing their appearance keeps their identity sacred.

Shortly after sharing some of her work over Myspace in 2008, Izzy was contacted by Andy Warhol’s muse “Little Joe” Joe Dallesandro who commissioned her to make a portrait of him. The portrait was picked for the cover of Punk Globe Magazine, and was also printed on limited edition t-shirts which were sold at Dallesandro fanshop’s worldwide.

After her move to Berlin in 2008, Izzy’s portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat adorned the cover of Horst and Edeltraut – an art magazine which was awarded the prestigious “Silver Mercury Award” for it’s cover and design.