Celine Sana - Nostalgia Collection, Boundless Blue

Celine Sana

Celine Sana came into the world in 1993. Having developed an early passion for art and beauty, she pursued every opportunity to learn new skills as a makeup artist, digital artist and the love for fashion. Celine has also spent a great deal of time as an interior designer even designing and decorating all the homes that she’s ever lived, in so she was able to hone into her skills.

A young Celine was in love with pursuing art, but for her this would have to be put on the back burner, while pursuing a degree in engineering.
While pursuing her engineering degree she also followed her interests in the fashion industry, during this period she found her passion in photography and digital art, specifically contemporary and figurative art.

She successfully finished her Master’s degree and also obtained a business degree. She then pursued a career as an artist by designing and producing 3D and motion wall arts.

Celine’s work is inspired by today’s contemporary and pop artists one she loves and respects is artist Michael Mobius.

Her artworks focus on creating life-like designs using the latest technologies to create a unique artistic style. Her works feature motion, flip-flop, and 3D effects on super-sized prints that are nothing but marvellous.

The combination of motion effects and vibrant colours that emerge from her artworks generate an artistic style that is often described as epic, dramatic and, above all, fabulous.

Each lenticular art is a labour of love, requiring several months of dedication and hundreds of hours to bring to life. The creation process begins with the initial drawing, where Celine meticulously designs the artwork with intricate detail and precision. Specialized software is used to process the artwork, optimizing it for the lenticular printing technique. This step involves transforming the artwork into a format that the printer can interpret and translate into the final product. The lenticular printer, designed specifically for creating these unique artworks, takes on the task of transferring the processed artwork onto the lenticular material.

Each individual frame of the artwork is precisely aligned and printed to ensure seamless transitions and accurate representation of the desired 3D and motion effects The printing technique utilized incorporates 20 frames into each artwork to allow smooth transitions between varying perspectives. In terms of materials used, these artworks significantly stand out from others in the market due to their incorporation of high-quality elements. Particularly, the lenses, a crucial component of lenticular arts, are crafted from special glasses, a marked departure from the typical plexiglass lenses found in other works.

Celine’s lenticular art creations are an unparalleled blend of innovation, artistry, and precision, crafted over several months of unwavering dedication and hundreds of hours of meticulous work. Setting a new industry standard, we employ a specialized inkjet printing technique and high-quality special glass lenses, a significant leap from the conventional plexiglass. The result is not just an artwork, but an immersive experience of vibrant colours, unrivalled depth, and dynamic movement, each piece a masterstroke pushing the boundaries of lenticular art, unmatched in the market.