Marlene Kawalez - Artist Photo

Marlene Kawalez

Marlene Kawalez – The notion of history and the contemporary existence channels the spirit which is carried into her work with the use of clay and other organic materials such as wood, rock, moss and glass. It is within the lines of a petrified piece of wood or the crevice in a centuries old rock that a story is waiting to be recalled.

Marlene Kawalez was born in Southern Ontario, where she lived, studied and experimented with clay as a young child. Her passion for sculpting was very apparent and she was mesmerized by the endless possibilities of what could be created from a singular block of clay.

She studied Graphic Design in Toronto and pursed other artistic venues. Marlene continued furthering her education by attending various workshops and working with gifted artists from across Canada and the United States. She experimented with many different techniques and utilized various materials to achieve the desired effect such as wood, wire, stone and glass. There is a strong love of nature in her work as well as the exploration of loss, longing and the peeling away of exterior layers to reveal internal complexities.

Through the years her work has been published in various books, magazines, and newspapers. She has exhibited at many group shows and has private collectors from Canada, US and Europe.

Sculptors Society of Canada Gallery
Art District Gallery
Withrow Common Gallery
Morgan Glass Gallery
Elora Outdoor Sculpture Show
Sculptors Society of Canada Gallery
Aird Gallery
Aird Gallery
Arts on the Credit Show
Homer Watson Gallery
Applecrate Galleries
Sculptors Society of Canada Gallery

“For the past few years, I have been creating pieces that often explore themes of life, the reflection of time and the peeling away of exterior layers to reveal internal intricacies. In many ways it is a introspection into my personal journey and that of others that I was privy to observe.

The purpose behind my work is to expose, express and provide insight into the raw emotions involved in the journey of life through clay, wood and glass. The application of wood and clay is essential as a direct conduit to the root of nature and our existence. Glass, in retrospect, represents the fragility of life and the continuity of movement and time.”

Marlene Kawalez