Victoria Huntley

I love the different colours of the glass and the way they interact with the sunlight and create a different art reflection.  I took a workshop on stained glass to make small projects but that was neither challenging nor satisfying. So, I decided to combine stained glass with live edge wood to do much larger projects that   are suitable for display in both indoor and outdoor settings. Scourging the glass, soldering the lead are intensive activities that make me focus on what I do and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving my goal of creating a great piece of art. l feel successful when the owner of my art gets a similar amount of joy from viewing the work as I do in creating it. Victoria Huntley

My journey into the world of art began in 2012 during a winter stint in California, where I discovered my fascination with painting. While predominantly self-taught, I’ve sought wisdom from esteemed artists through various courses; Tom Campbell and Brian Burnett at the Toronto School for the Arts as well as Brian Buckrell  at the Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting.  Specializing in oil landscapes, I’ve cultivated a reputation for my discerning eye for color and penchant for bold palettes, eliciting admiration from collectors and gallery patrons.

In 2019, I embarked on a transformative exploration into stained glass art. Crafting pieces on live edge wood, I intricately weave color and light to imbue each creation with vitality. From wood selection to pattern design, from glass curation to meticulous installation, every step in the process is a labor of love. Embracing risk-taking, I constantly refine my work, ensuring that each piece reflects my unwavering commitment to excellence.

I’m gratified to witness the fruits of my dedication, with my creations earning accolades from galleries, fellow artists, and the broader community alike.  My pieces are suitable for well lit environments. These environments could include gardens, ponds, sunrooms and bay windows.

I have participated at the Backyard Glam Tour in Thornbury/Clarksburg and the Creemore Festival of Arts for several years. My work has been featured at the Loft Gallery in Thornbury, The Art Bank Collective in Clarksburg and the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts in Collingwood.