Claudio Bellari

Immersed in a hasty world but basically bored and inert strangers to each other we need more than ever mirages, alate hopes, we must feel free to express ourselves and invent the future.

Art is our salvation, Claudio Bellari’s painting is a song and testimony of the crisis of society its a positive song full of hope and sometimes of optimism. The artist’s soul resists and opposes an era of spiritual exhaustion in absolutely original.

Abandoned thing’s, old magazines, vintage newspapers, old Latin vocabularies, postcards of one’s childhood, old vinyl records, consumer and abandoned papers, come to life as a precious background of his paintings.

Chine – acrylics, old markers of foreign origin – colors sometimes made by mixing egg red with natural pigments are the artist’s tools.

Thus was born a magical exaltation of the object that is now persistence of memory, a rediscovered secret soul, to which the painter gives a psychic content that was being lost.

Thanks to this process the painter expands the object, the face beyond the limits of his clothing.

It is precisely this alchemy of memory and metaphysical anxiety that determines the depth of the painter, his art and his modernity.